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Friday 8 February 2013


First things first, hello and welcome to Ladylike Len. I have been considering starting up a blog for quite some time and have seen the "50 facts about me" posts floating around the internet and thought that this would be a perfect introduction and a good place to start.

01. My name is Jessica Elizabeth. 02. I am currently 22 years old. 03. I was born and raised in Peterborough, England, and live there to this day after a brief residence in the countryside. 04. I live with my boyfriend and our two cats Daisy and Poppy in an apartment in the city. 05. I have an unhealthy obsession with nail varnish and easily own over 100 bottles. 06. I have silly nicknames for absolutely everything and everyone. 07. I brought my own home at the age of 18. 08. I enjoy baking and eating a bit too much. 09. I have a love for anything French. 10. I have only had a passport for 2 years despite traveling as a child on a parents passport and have already managed to clock up air miles to the USA, Paris and Amsterdam on 3 separate occasions. 11. I colour code all of my books purely for aesthetic reasons. 12. I own hundreds of DVDs and have an entire draw dedicated to TV box sets. 13. Despite only having a balcony my herb garden is forever expanding. 14. I have an irrational fear of open water and boats. 15. I am a true Brit and have a serious addiction to tea, I even take teabags on holiday just so that in the morning I can have that one cup of tea. 16. I have been in a relationship for 4 years and have only over spent 6 nights apart from my partner. Some may find this incredibly sad but he is truly my best friend so hey, no hating. 17. After spending my teenage years religiously dying my hair I am now proud and thankful for my natural ginger locks. 18. I am a sucker for absolutely anything vintage. 19. I own 4 cameras yet shamefully take most of my day to day photos on an iPhone. 20. I physically cannot eat sliced bread unless it is toasted. 21. I have a crude sense of humour and just want Frankie Boyle to love me. 22. I have a strange dislike for public buses and would rather walk for miles than use one. 23. I have a subscription to Elle magazine and keep every, single, copy. 24. I love all genres of film except for sci-fi and westerns. 25. My home is my happy place. 26. I rarely drink alcohol and the whole club/binge drinking scene really does not appeal to me. 27. My drink of choice is a Starbucks mocha frappachino, every single time. (Expect for christmas when the red cups come out and then its Gingerbread latte come to mamma.) 28. Books/Magazines over e-books/kindles every day of the week. 29. I have an A Level in art and truly miss learning new techniques every week. 30. I have freckles that I used to hate that I now love. 31. The high moment of my life as far has to be seeing my all time number 1 band, the Red Hot Chili Pepper's, in my favourite city, Paris, with my favourite person in the world, my boyfriend! 32. Insects creep the hell out of me and just the thought of them makes me shudder. 33. Edward Scissorhands is favourite childhood film. 34. I currently have 3 piercings and 1 tattoo. 35. I adore men with tattoos and facial hair. 36. I love cooking meals from scratch and the satisfaction that comes with it. 37. I can wiggle my little toe independently to my other toes. 38. I'm a bit of an iWanker and have and iPhone, iPad and my beloved MacBook Pro. 39. I have an ongoing love affair with Instagram. 40. My grandfather is my hero and truly the most inspiring man I have ever met. (My blog title is even a little tribute to him.) 41. When it comes to meat products i'm a really fussy eater and pick every little bit of fat off before even considering eating it. 42. I am an occasional knitter. 43. I could quite easily and happily spend a small fortune in craft shops. 44. Without doubt, diet coke over regular coke. 45. My perfume and beauty collection is vast and ever expanding. 46. I genuinely cannot wait to get married and have a child when i'm a bit older. 47. I have pretty strong view and opinions and will quite happily get involved in debates. 48. Unfortunately i'm pretty much blind without my glasses but yet both contacts and laser eye surgery scare the hell out of me. Fingers, needles, eyes? No. 49. I desperately want to travel the world. 50. Despite being a keen list maker I really struggle to come up with interesting facts about myself.

So there you have it, 50 facts about me! That was a lot more challenging than I first thought it would be but I really enjoyed the process writing it all up and now i'm feeling super inspired about what I want to do with this blog and am highly looking forward to sharing more with you.
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