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Monday 8 February 2016


I cannot believe that today, the 8th of February 2016, marks 3 entire years since I sat at this Macbook and wrote up my very first blog post. In a similar fashion to last year I wanted to quickly take a moment to look back on the past year and commemorate the fact that I stuck at this jam for another whole year. 

The past year has been a pretty big year for me both in terms of this here blog and in my personal life. I feel that my confidence and positive attitude have grown remarkably and I hope that is something that translates across to this blog. I genuinely no longer compare myself to others or beat myself up over the fact that those pictures weren't as good as I had hoped, I just scrap them and move on. 

The funny thing is, in being less of a perfectionist I have actually doubled the content I was creating  in previous years as well as engaging with a lot more readers. Of course I will always try my best, in everything that I do, but realising that it's okay not to be perfect all the god damn time has been strangely liberating. At the end of the day this space on the internet is a reflection of me and I by no means am perfect so why would I pressure myself to be so online? Sharing things online is pretty scary, whether that be your latest bake or something very personal about your life, you put yourself out there for judgement and I think that breeds the need for perfection. This year more than any previous years I am going to leave that behind me and just focus on creating things that I want to share with you all. 

This year I want my blog to continue to be me and not some perfectly polished online magazine. I want to continue to work with brands but maintain my integrity in everything that I work on. I want to try new concepts and new things. Maybe even try my hand at a little DIY video for Youtube? You never know.  

Lastly, I would just like to quickly say thank you to anyone that is currently sat here reading this. It doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things in this world but it means the world to me.


  1. Congratulations on three years! That's so exciting, and I love that photo!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n


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