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Friday 12 February 2016


You all know the drill by now, any celebration is an excuse for me to go over the top on the gift wrap and Valentine's Day is no exception, what a lucky boyfriend I have! He may not necessarily appreciate the fluffy pink pompoms on his Valentine's gift however he does appreciate the time and effort I spend putting it all together therefor the pompoms will continue.

It is just two days until Valentine's Day and despite all of my love themed post's over the past couple of weeks it has really creeped up on me this year. Maybe the fact that it falls on a Sunday is whats throwing me off? Regardless, I always find that Valentine's Day can be an awkward one when it comes to my favourite thing about celebrations, the gift wrap. There really is no point going out and buying an entire roll of gift wrap covered in tiny pink hearts unless you've seriously gone to town on the gifts that year. Meaning that the only real options are gift bags/boxes or individual sheets of gift wrap.

 In my eternal quest to spend as little as possible I always like to have a quick browse on the internet before hitting the high street and this time I seriously came up trumps! I managed to stumble across some gorgeous free printable gift wrap on the For the Makers website. As soon as I set my eyes on the matchstick gift wrap I knew I had found the one and instantly downloaded it and hit the print button. Obviously the majority of us will only have a standard A4 printer in our homes meaning that downloading free gift wrap from the internet would not work on supersize gifts but for the small little gestures of love they are perfect option and something that should not be overlooked.

Once I had my paper printed I had a quick rummage around my craft supplies and pulled out loads of pink threads, some adorable lip stickers and pink pompoms. I decided to go all out on the love theme and did not break from pink or red once which is very unlike the inner goth in me but I think it really works. I mean, if you can't cover something in pink hearts and lips on Valentine's Day when the hell can you?!

I hope that this post has given you a little last minute Valentine's Day gift wrap inspiration or at the very least opened your eyes to the world of free downloaded gift wrap, it's golden!

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