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Friday 21 November 2014


Advent calendars are not what they used to be when I was a young child, no longer do you just get some poor quality chocolate shaped into a deformed snowman hidden behind a cardboard door. It feels like every brand is bringing them out with their own spin on them whether that be beauty, candles or even Lego. This is great and I for one am a huge fan of The Body Shop advent calendar but costing a whopping £50 they are a pretty substantial gift in themselves and not really about enjoying the run up to Christmas. 

Rather than spending a small fortune on luxe advent calendars and trying to hold off on the excessive chocolate eating for as long as possible I decided it would be a nice idea to make some sort of advent calendar based on the idea of putting a new decoration on the tree each day. I chose to take a previous DIY project and give it a makeover for the festive season, you can find the blog post for the framed chevron pin boards here, (clearly the lighting in this corner of my living room is still not my friend) and worked from there. 

To create the advent calendar I took 25 brown gift tags and labelled each of them with a stencil and permeant marker to mark out the 1-25 days of advent. Next you need to lay out the gift tags and then pin them into place once you are happy with the layout, as I was using three separate pin boards as apposed to one large board I ended up with eight decorations on two of the boards and nine decorations on one. Once you have done this it is a simply case of picking out 25 of your favourite christmas decorations and hanging them on the pins. 

One thing to keep in mind when your are selecting the tree decorations that you want to use on your advent calendar is to remember that anything too large or too round is not going to hang very nicely off a flat board so try and stick to flatter or smaller baubles when picking them but anything goes really. 

This is such a great alternative to standard chocolate filled advent calendars and it only cost me a few pounds in materials, making it a much more affordable option than the luxe advent calendars doing the rounds at the minute. Would you consider making your own advent calendar and if so do you like the idea of adding a new decoration to your tree each day instead of scoffing on chocolate? I am so excited for the 1st of December to roll around now and hope that this can become a little tradition that I will be able to continue in years to come. 

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