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Friday 10 October 2014



Today marks the start of a whole new series of blog posts, snippets of my home. I have been wanting to share parts of my home on my blog for a long time but I have always been in a moral quandary over not feeling comfortable sharing every inch of my home with the world wide web but also wanting to introduce more home decor posts onto my beloved blog. So that means my decor posts shouldn't go out of the window right? Exactly, so although I may not be comfortable sharing "room tours" with you all I am more than happy to share snippets of my home so that you can get some idea of what I like and how I do things when it comes to interior decorating. Exciting times to come! 

I think that this dressing table is probably one of my favourite pieces of furniture in my entire home. Maybe it's because it's my little space and somewhere where the boyfriend very rarely ventures therefore everything stays in its place, haha. But realistically I think it is the whole grandeur of even having a dressing table let alone somewhere to sit down and do my hair and make up which ends up making me feel like some sort of 18th century princess, highly appreciated and recommended first thing on monday morning. 

The table itself is the Toulouse Black Dressing Table and Stool from Dunelm, not somewhere I would tend to look for furniture as it brings to mind more bedding and curtains, but at the bargain price of £169.99 for the entire thing I quite literally could not say no. My bedroom is entirely monochrome and having plain neutral walls already I wanted to avoid the Pinterest white furniture and white walls combination and instead have decked the room out in ornate black wooden furniture so this dressing table was quite literally the icing on the ornate monochrome cake. 


I have tried to keep the top of the dressing table as minimal as possible and have stored all my hair products in the large drawer, using the two small ones in the mirror to keep my bobby pins and hair bands in check. To the left of the dressing table I have 3 antique perfume bottles that I received as a gift on my 21st birthday and to the right is Diptyque Figuier Scented Mini Candle and Diptyque Philoykos Eau de Parfum in the old packaging that I picked up from the Space.NK sale. On top of the main table itself I keep all of my earrings in a beautiful silver and glass jewellery box from Lisbeth Dahl, which unfortunately I can no longer find online (similar here). My favourite part of my dressing table though is this little Bunny Ornament from Gifts & Pieces in which I store all of my day to day jewellery including some pieces that have been featured on the blog before, the Daniel Wellington watch and Katie Mullally wishbone necklace are still staple pieces of jewellery for me.

I hope you liked the first snippet of my home and for any of you that want a little more of a nosey around my bedroom theres a cheeky little extra snippet on my Instagram

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