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Friday 17 October 2014


Let me just start off here by telling you that the large copper and white striped pumpkin you see before you is undoubtably the largest pumpkin I have ever seen in my entire life. For reference, the white pumpkin to the left is the size of a regular pumpkin... so yeah, a monster. When the boyfriend walked through the door after picking it up from the local market I instantly couldn't bare the thought of having to carve into that monstrosity so started looking around for some alternative ideas on how to suitably decorate it for the season. 

After a quick peruse of my DIY & Craft board on Pinterest I quickly came to the conclusion that painting the pumpkin would be the way to go. 

Pumpkins of various shapes and sizes.
  Frogtape ideally but regular masking tape should work.
Copper and white spray paint, I used Motolow Urban Fine-Art.
Newspaper/dust sheet to protect the area and ensure you are working on a clean surface.
A well ventilated room. 

Start off by preparing the area you are planning on working on, do this by laying down a dust sheet and opening a door or window to ensure good ventilation otherwise you will end up coughing all over  the freshly spray painted pumpkin. Next up you need to get your Frogtape or masking tape and completely cover the stork of the pumpkin. If you want to simply paint your pumpkins all one colour all you have to do is shake up the spray paint for 2 minutes and then apply an even layer of paint before leaving to dry and then applying a second layer. To make the striped pumpkin you need to follow the same instructions as the one colour pumpkin and then once completely dry apply the tape, trying to follow the natural curves of the pumpkin. Once all of your tape is in place simply repeat the same painting process and then remove the tape as soon as possible to ensure a crisp clean line. 

I absolutely adore the copper and white striped pumpkin and would love to see a large group of them. Copper is a great colour to use not only because it is massively trending right now but the colour stays true to the autumnal season and the metallic shine makes them look almost magical propped up next to your fireplace or doorstep. 

Do you think you will try out a no carve pumpkin this year? 

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  1. This looks so lovely - I definitely want to try this!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr


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