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Friday 23 May 2014


After living in my own home for the past 5 years I have learnt a lot about being a home owner and all things decor but the biggest thing I have learnt is that I will never be 100% happy with a space and that is okay. It's okay because I am 23 years old and my taste and interests are always changing and I want a home that reflects that. 

With that in mind and the mental scars from filling so many holes in walls in the past I decided that I needed a much less damaging way of creating a gallery wall in my home but having one suitable for my needs to constantly change and buy new things. Et voilĂ  the no nails gallery wall was born. Okay, so I may have stretched the truth a little with the no nails part but by using 2 of the Ribba picture ledges from Ikea, which only require 3 holes each, I am then able to display loads of pictures without the need of a drill and create more holes in the walls. Most importantly, I am able to move them around as and when I choose, I can re-frame an image no problems or even get something brand new and swapping it around doesn't effect the quality of my walls in the slightest, god send! 


All of the items on the shelves have been collected over the years or are photographs that I have taken myself like the shots of the Eiffel Tower and the Parisian street art. Though if you wish you can get my latest addition, the African bull from Urban Outfitters. The taxidermy butterflies have been mentioned on my blog before, in fact it is one of my very first blog posts (cringe) and the rest are just prints from various different artists. 

I  absolutely love this little space above my sofa and think that gallery walls are a great way of personalising a space, especially when they are as easy to switch and change up as this. This little project is even renter friendly as long as your allowed to put items on the wall as so little damage occurs. What do you think of my no nails gallery wall? 

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