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Friday 4 April 2014


I truly love cooking but one thing I hate in regards to recipes is that they are usually for a family of 4 or enough cake to feed the five thousand. As I currently live with my boyfriend and our 2 cats recipes for large numbers are hardly ever required in my household and having to half things constantly is just darn right annoying. This is where this little recipe comes into its own, 2 jam jar blueberry cheesecakes, meaning that I can rustle these up for desert without the guilt of knowing i'll be living off it all week and it means less expense on ingredients at the supermarket check out. 

150g frozen blueberries, 1 TBSP caster sugar, 1 lemon (zest and juice), 4 ginger biscuits (crushed), 20g butter, 2 TBSP icing sugar and 250g mascarpone. 

To start toss the blueberries, caster sugar and 1 TBSP of lemon juice into a small pan and heat gently for 3-4 minutes and then leave to cool. Meanwhile, mix together the crushed biscuits and melted butter and then press into the bottom of the jam jars. Gently fold in the rest of the lemon juice, zest and icing sugar into the mascarpone. Once throughly mixed divide the lemony cheesecake between the jam jars and then finish by pouring over the blueberries and syrup. 

This cheesecake has soon become a favourite of mine and has knocked the lime and ginger cheesecake off its top spot. If you make this recipe your self please tweet me a picture or tag me on Instagram as I love seeing your interpretations! 

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