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Friday 18 April 2014


Sticking with my claim of "any excuse to bake and I am all over it" I am back again today with an Easter cake despite the fact I don't actually celebrate Easter. I do on another hand have a list of DIYs stashed away in my brain waiting for the perfect opportunity and I thought that an Easter cake would be an ideal way to showcase this lovely spring bunting cake topper. 

The cake itself is just a simple Victoria sponge covered in ice blue buttercream to satisfy my pastel obsession this spring. Of course, no Easter cake would be complete without the obligatory Cadburys mini eggs so I simply placed them around the edge to fully hammer home the Easter theme. I have had this DIY in mind since I posted about the DIY: WASHI TAPE CAKE TOPPER back in January and I am happy to report it came out just as I had pictured all those weeks ago. All you need for this DIY is 2 wooden kebab sticks, string/twine, stapler, scissors and some thick patterned paper. To start stick your kebab sticks into the cake and measure out the correct amount of string depending upon the size of the cake, make sure you add a few additional inches so that you're bunting will hang nicely. Once you have done that cut out some small triangles from your chosen paper, keep in mind that you need to make them a little larger than you want at the end so that you can fold the paper over the string. After cutting and folding over the top edge of the bunting triangles position them on the string and then staple in place. To secure the string to the kebab sticks simply tie a double knot and trim off any excess string. 

Bunting toppers are ideal for any celebration cake but I think the floral pattern and the spring pastels of the icing and mini eggs compliment each other perfectly and make an ideal cake if you fancy ditching the chocolate for a slice of yummy cake instead. 

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