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Friday 28 March 2014


Following on from my previous Inspiration Station post I wanted to share with you today these wall mounted clipboards that I use to display various items from business cards, magazine cut outs, small prints, postcards and currently my weekly planner. I have these clipboards ideally located above my desk to provide a constant supply of inspiration for when the dreaded creative block strikes. 

Wall mounted clipboards make a great way of displaying things and these geometric patterned ones from Rose & Grey make no exception. They add a great pop of colour to my brilliant white walls and are so much more stylish than your traditional cork boards. I cannot get enough of them and find myself constantly tweaking and changing them around which means that my workspace inspiration wall rarely feels stale and provides a great visual reminder to keep creative. 

Another benefit to clipboards is the fact that there is no need for adhesive or pins to hang up your items so theres no need to worry about potentially ruining a keep sake, winner! Unfortunately these specific clipboards are no longer available from Rose & Grey as I purchased them sometime last year but you could quite easily make them yourself. All you would need is some clipboards, patterned paper and some D ring picture hooks and you could easily recreate this for yourself. I am already tempted to re-cover mine at some point in the future as I'm not a huge fan of the top left pattern but then again this is something you would avoid if you where to make them by hand in the first place. 

How do you display your images and keep your inspiration levels at a high? I have featured one of my other methods on here before in the form of chevron pin boards so check them out if you are looking for other ways of making your walls look like Pinterest. 

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