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Friday 21 March 2014


Despite the lack of make up and skincare related post's on this blog I am a huge lover of all things beauty and have slowly over the past year I have built up quiet a hefty selection of Mac eyeshadows. One of the most popular posts here on the blog are my Mac Lipstick Collection therefore I thought you guys might enjoy a peep inside my Mac palette! I love everything about this palette and despite the hefty price tag to complete, the fact you get to personally select every single shade and build it up over time once you have the palette and insert makes it a little bit like a beauty Pokemon, you just gotta fill them all. 


 1. NYLON - A shimmery cream that I use purely as highlight in my inner corners and under my eyebrows to add light, an essential for me. 2. NAKED LUNCH - The perfect nude shimmer, I use this shade in pretty much every single eye look I do and would not want to be without it! 3. ALL THAT GLITTERS - A cult classic that ranks high in my rating is this golden shimmer that is stunning in the summer with a tan. 4. HONEY LUST - The most packed with glitter of the bunch and one that I don't get much use from but great for an evening look or just in the centre of the lid to add dimension. 5. WOODWINKED - Another well loved shadow that can be used in a multiple of ways to create a great bronze smokey eye. 6. PATINA - Similar to woodwinked but slightly darker and more cool toned therefore great paired with cool toned shadows like Quarry (13). 7. SABLE - My favourite wash over the lids and go colour, easily one of the most used in this entire palette and a definite must have. 8. MULCH - This brown with a slightly red shimmer is not a colour I use all that often but one I turn to more for evening looks when I want a more intense eye look. 9. CORK - A warm matt brown that is my standard contour colour for my crease and under my lower lash line to really enhance my blue eyes. 10. OMEGA - My go-to shade for my brows, being a natural ginger my brows are really fair and this is one of the few products out there that actually look natural. 11. WEDGE - Another shade I use for my brows but more for added definition. 12. CHARCOAL BROWN - A medium toned matt brown ideal for brunettes brows or as a contour colour in the crease to add warmth. 13. QUARRY - One of my favourites of the bunch is this matt taupe that compliments my blue eyes and is a nice change form your basic brown bronze shade. 14. COPPERPLATE - Despite the name suggesting this shadow is copper this is in fact a lovely matt slate grey that I tend to use in the crease to blend out a taupe smokey eye. 15. CARBON - A matt black that is not the best black eyeshadow in the world but the palette would be incomplete without it due to the fact I use this to line my upper my lash line daily.  

The large single pro palette can be picked up online and in most Mac stores for £14 with the insert costing £6.50. Once you have a palette simply start slowly buying and building up your collection with the pro refill pan eyeshadows that cost £10, making them cheaper than the solo shadows. The palettes also come in other sizes starting with duo and then a quad so I suggest you start small and build up. 

Unashamedly this is not even all the Mac shadows I own but I keep my favourite neutrals all together for everyday use in this palette here so if you would like to see what other shades I own just pop a comment below and i'll get that up for you soon! 


  1. I've never used Mac makeup - is it really as good as everyone says it is?

    1. I'm a huge fan of the eyeshadows and lipsticks, not so keen on the base products!


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