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Thursday 23 January 2014



Despite currently being in the middle of winter and the cold temperatures that naturally come with it I have found myself lately really looking forward to spring. I think this is down to the surprising amount of bright clear skies and a few brave flowers that have started blossoming.

 With this in mind I started to think of a way to bring a little of that early spring indoors and even into my food. I have a billion and one birthdays coming up soon therefore naturally I find myself baking like a mad woman around this time of year. With all the cake that is going around I wanted to come up with a cheap and cheerful cake topper to make the most basic of cupcake that little extra bit special. After a quick peruse of my craft supplies I decided to pull out my stash of washi tape and make some cute little flags to pop into cupcakes or alternatively a layer cake. 

To make these cake toppers simply cut a 3 inch piece of washi tape, place the top of a toothpick in the centre of the tape and then wrap it around the toothpick and line up the edges to create a perfect rectangle. This can be a little fiddly so if you struggle to get the edges to match up you can trim the edges a with scissors until you achieve a rectangle. The beauty to this cake topper is that you can make as many or few as you want and you can easily use the same tape for them all or mix and match like I have if you're a decorative tape hoarder like me. You can pick up washi tape in a multitude of places, from eBay to your local high street stationary store.

I defy anyone not to smile when you pass them a plate of cupcakes with these toppers in them! I think  they add a lovely pinch of colour and a little bit of retro spring.  

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