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Saturday 7 December 2013


I wanted to share with you today a few snaps from around my home now that we have finally completed decorating our Christmas tree! This post also debuts the first appearance of Poppy the cat, a birthday gift from the boyfriend that never fails to melt my heart and drive me round the bend on a daily basis. 

I think its clear to see that the little madame is besotted with the christmas tree so is on living room ban until the festive period is over and the tree comes down. I took these photos yesterday when my home was full with festive cheer but ironically I currently have an emergency plumber ripping out tiles in my bathroom to fix a broken pipe. What festive spirit I did have has unfortunately gone down the drain with the contents of my bank account and I am left feeling like somewhat of a Scrooge.  

Despite my home owner problems I am still in love with my christmas tree. This year I decided to throw out our old christmas tree and invest in a new one, I love real trees but with 2 cats that are convinced the tree is one giant play toy real trees just aren't practical. I tried to find something a little more authentic than your generic plastic up and down tree and I'm really happy with the one we ended up choosing. 

I ended up getting this tree from Van Hage purely as it is my closest garden centre and they happened to have a 25% sale on the day I went to check them out - result. Decor wise I decided I wanted a Narnia-esque theme with the tree dripping in sparkle and scattered with white and silver baubles. I picked out some white lights and ditched the tacky tinsel and opted for some beaded garlands because clearly you cannot have too much sparkle at christmas.

 Majority of the tree decorations are from the same garden centre linked above or Paperchase. From Paperchase I also picked up this amazing oversized snow globe which is my favourite addition to this years christmas decorations and I have already found myself tipping it up and down constantly like a 4 year old, its strange what nostalgic value certain items have around this time of year. 

Besides the obvious gift giving, decorating my home for christmas is the highlight of the whole season for me! I have some more festive items appearing in my home soon so I will keep you updated once they have all arrived and my living starts to resemble the a genuine Narnia. 
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  1. I love how you have made it so colour co-ordinated :) We have had to ban the cat from our lounge today having just learnt the hard way!! x



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