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Friday 10 June 2016


Today I am back with a very well overdue Lush haul. I recently finished off my collection of bath bombs that had been hanging around since Christmas so I knew that it was inevitable that a little splurge was bound to happen. There where a couple of items that I knew straight off the bat that I was going to repurchase along with some slightly different products that where just calling my name.

It has also just dawned on me that I am yet to inform you, my beloved blog readers, that I am actually back working as a Sales Assistant at Lush Cosmetics on a permanent basis! If you follow me on social media you may have noticed my good news and unfortunately the lack of posting that has coincided with the new job. This is something I plan to rectify once I get a little more settled into a routine as it really does not sit well with me producing so little blog content when I still love it so. 

Let's start with the product that actually made this haul happen. The Smugglers Soul body spray, a product that I had completely overlooked during my time working for Lush over Christmas. It wasn't actually until we had our Father's Day training and I was introduced to the new shampoo bar, facial scrub and multipurpose cream of the same scent that I truly began to fall for this scent. All you really need to know is that if you have a penchant for soothing sandalwood you will fall madly in LOVE this! Please, next time you're in store, take a second and give this one a sniff. 

Next up we have the forever repurchase product, the Rub Rub Rub shower scrub. Without sounding horrendously melodramatic and over the top, I ran out of this last week and literally couldn't wait to get ahold of another pot. This sea salt based scrub does absolute wonders for my skin and is something I just cannot live without when the sun comes around and you begin getting your pasty limbs out. I've even converted the boyfriend onto loving this so now we go through it at an astonishing rate. 

The next two items are actually for the aforementioned boyfriend. The Dirty Springwash shower gel and Outback Mate soap. Neither of which he has tried before but after 7 years of dating I know his taste pretty well and these uplifting minty scents are totally up this street. Dirty Springwash is a great multipurpose products for lazy boys like mine as it can be used to wash both body and hair and leaves the skin feeling invigorated. The Outback Mate is easily within my top 3 solid soaps and is always worth a try if you like uplifting refreshing scents thanks to the beautiful Eucalyptus oil. 

Now onto the bombs. The Lava Lamp bath bomb went straight into my basket no hesitation necessary. This is actually a new addition to our Peterborough store but one that you may have picked up already from the Oxford Street store. As soon as I smelt this triple whammy of Sicilian mandarin, tangerine and orange flower I was in love. The other bomb in my stash is the calming classic Big Blue. I actually made this bomb at work when we had some left over ingredients from one of the bath bomb kits and I cannot wait to loose my mind for an hour or so in this super relaxing soak. 

Last but by no means least we have the Rose Jam bubbleroon. Those of you that read "The first of many Lush hauls" will be well aware of my love for the Rose Jam shower gel that comes out exclusively at Christmas. Sad times are ahead though my friends as I only have a few drops of shower gel left meaning that I have to get my Rose Jam fix in another form. These bubbleroons are just adorable and the fact that they allow me to get my Rose Jam fix all year round is a blessing. The creamy centre makes for an extra moistening bath and the subtle pink waters make me one very happy lady.

PS. You can read part one here and part two here if you're also a totally Lushie like me! 


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