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Friday 6 May 2016


I always have been and always will be a huge advocate for printing photos, whether they be candid snaps from your phone or from special events like the wedding of one of your nearest and dearest. Frequent readers will also be aware of my love for instant photography, something I got into from going through countless Polaroid snaps from my parents youth. 

In my time I have owned quite a selection of cameras including a vintage 1970s Polaroid camera as well as the more modern Instax instant camera and even the Fujifilm Instax smartphone printer. I love them all dearly but I had to sadly part ways with my vintage Polaroid when they stopped creating the instant film a few years back and the price for film just became unattainable to me. 

So as you can imagine, when the lovely people at Cheerz got in contact with me to tell me about their latest product, a collaboration with Polaroid, I quite literally squealed with excitement! I already love that Cheerz allow you to print photos directly from your phone/computer but now having the option to get photos printed in the traditional Polaroid style with the iconic glossy paper and embossed look excited me greatly. 

The Polaroid 3000* allows you to print 18 of your best photos for just £15. As I haven't been taking as many photos recently and I just knew that these prints would be something to cherish I decided to pick a selection of photos from my best friends wedding and gift them to her instead. I decided against adding the specially designed Polaroid filter as these where all professional images but I do love the cheeky little hint of Cheerz with the coloured backs and adorable box to store them in. 

As I brought my friend a beautiful wedding scrapbook for her birthday (which was actually on the same day as the wedding) I instantly knew that these would be a perfect addition to it. There is not many other photographs more special than that of your wedding day so I thought that they would be a perfect fit. And I must add that the quality of these prints did not disappoint. 

If you have some snaps waiting to be printed I highly recommend checking out Cheerz and their vast selection on printing options, especially the Polaroid 3000. 



  1. Cheerz is phenomenal - I love everything about them and the photos are such great quality!

    Hannah | Oh January


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