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Friday 20 May 2016


For a long time now I have been wanting to incorporate more drinks recipes into my blog. The problem was however that I'm not a huge alcohol lover, meaning that I was pigeon holed into just featuring coffees and smoothies. However things have changed over the past few months since broadening my spirit repertoire and I have found myself falling back in love with a cheeky cocktail to mark the end of a busy week. 

I plan on sharing lots of new cocktail favourites over the upcoming months in a series of blog posts called the Cocktail Hour, so I hope that you are ready for some seriously boozy inspiration just in time for the British BBQ season. I might even include a few mocktail recipes along the way as this really isn't something purely alcohol lovers should get to enjoy.

One of my favourite spirits of the moment has to be black spiced rum, especially Kraken. Rum has always been a winner in my eyes but the spiced, almost caramel flavour of this one takes my love to the next level. Typically I would drink this with some regular Coca-Cola and ice but I was feeling a little a fancy a couple of weeks back and decided to try some simple cocktails using my beloved Kraken rum. 

After a spot of trial and error I found absolutely everything that I was looking for in the aptly named, Dark N Stormy. The "Dark" being the double shot of spiced rum and the "Stormy" being the spicy ginger beer. Garnished with wedges of fresh lime and lemon served over plenty of ice this beauty goes down an absolute treat and is easily my go-to tipple of the moment. 

This recipe is so simple and easy to make that even a child could make it, obviously though you need to be of legal drinking age to be able to enjoy this one. Never the less two ingredient cocktails should not be overlooked in turn for your fancy 10 something spirits that'll leave you on the floor after a few sips. 

As always, enjoy and please let me know your thoughts if you try this at home for yourself!

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