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Monday 6 May 2013


Finally, some sunshine in the UK! Unfortunately for me when the sun gets shining I end up spending the entire day squinting and begrudging the wonderful sunshine. I am literally blind as a bat without my glasses and have never been able to get to grips with contact lenses, because of this I've never been able to just pick up a cheap pair of sunglasses from the high street. The majority of prescription sunglasses  I have come across have just not been my cup of tea so I've always just got on with it. Despite never being able to indulge in sunglasses I have lusted after a pair of Ray-Bans for absolutely years! I remember being at Isle Of White Festival a few years back when they had a Ray-Ban stall and I literally wanted every single pair in every single colour, it was a very sad affair walking away empty handed. That was until I came across the Sunglasses Shop online and noticed that they offered a much broader range of prescription sunglasses compared to my local opticians. 

I am a huge fan of anything with even a slight hint of vintage design so these tortoiseshell cat eyes had my heart from the very first glimpse. I love the highly coveted Wayfarers as much as anyone but tend to lean away from the must have item and try and buy something a little different to the obvious choice. One of the main selling points for these sunglasses is the beautiful gradient lenses as it totally creeps me out not to be able see peoples eyes at all through lenses, just me? My only pet peeve with the sunglasses is that due to my prescription lenses they don't have the iconic Ray-Ban logo on the lenses but I am happy to let this minor discrepancy go to have clear vision and a huge decrease in sun glare. You can purchase the Ray-Ban Cats sunglasses from the Sunglasses Shop for £113 just here. The price is higher and varies for prescription lenses and they even offer the option to thin your lenses if required.  

Ray-Ban Cats 1000 are a bold, unique sampling of everything that makes Ray-Bans design aesthetically timeless, original and unmistakable, I truly could not love them any more. Are you a fan of the timeless Ray-Ban sunglasses? Here's to a squint free summer! 
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