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Wednesday 3 April 2013


Today I would like to introduce you to this little retro creation, the OH MY Motex Embossing Label Maker. I used to steal my grandfathers label maker all the time as a child so as soon as I saw this on eBay I just couldn't help myself and had to purchase it. I'm a huge fan of personalising things and typography so it was a really exciting moment when my post man handed it over. I already have a few little craft projects lined up for this but I wanted to share two super easy ways of putting this label maker to good use. You can purchase the label maker for £9.99 from eBay and is available in various colours, with this you get one roll of black tape included. Typically me being me black was just not good enough so I chose to get this pack of neon tape for £9.99 along with my order. 

Firstly, glass storage jars. Being a keen baker my kitchen cupboards are always full of baking related items that end up getting everywhere and just generally making a bit of a mess, half used open packets really are not my friend! So on a recent trip to Tesco I decided to pick up a few of these storage jars for a couple of pound each in an attempt to keep things fresher for longer and keep my cupboards in some form of organisation. Once I decanted all of the items into the jars I realised one tiny problem, I now had no idea what was in each specific jar. In comes the label maker, simple and easy to use you simply click on the letter you want until you have the label you desire and then cut! I love these simple labels and think they really add something to the general aesthetic, resulting in me being genuinely sad that I have no room to display them in my tiny apartment kitchen and have to hide them away in a cupboard, boo-hiss! Secondly, gift tags for any occasion. For these I simply dug out some luggage tags from my craft draws and got clicking away on my shiny new label maker. I love the detail these labels add to the tags as apposed to just writing on them free hand. The neon tape most certainly brings these old fashioned tags straight into 2013. I think adding the name of the person the gift is for would be a really sweet touch and defiantly makes these more than just your average gift tag. 

Do you think you'll be purchasing one of these for yourself and be joining me in my mission to personalise absolutely everything in this world?! 
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