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Friday 22 April 2016


I have previously touched on the fact that I will be moving home later this year and since then my mind has been consumed with all things decor, especially kitchen decor. For years I have been pinning photos of dream kitchen on Pinterest and I am beyond excited to be able to finally bring my vision to life. 

In my current abode the kitchen is pretty damn small being that it is an apartment and all. When I first moved  in here at the age of 18 I wasn't really phased as my cooking abilities maxed out at pesto pasta but since then my love for cooking has grown tremendously, leaving me longing for a kitchen big enough to spread my creative wings. 

As it stands at the moment we are currently planning on moving around August, however the boyfriend and I have already spent time looking around all of the local kitchen showrooms and I have a pretty good idea of what sort of look I am aiming for. My taste is typically monochrome with splashes of colour and this will certainly be reflected in my kitchen choices. I'm kind of obsessed with dark navy/black cabinets with brass hardware but until we are properly in the space its hard to judge how these things will look. I am also partial to a spot of open shelving and industrial style lighting as seen above. 

 The thing is though, I am actually planning on taking down the wall between the current kitchen and second living room/dining room to create an open space living/kitchen area with the main living room remaining untouched at the front of the house. Sounds simple enough to anyone with home renovation experience but I'm a bit of a noob on the subject being that my only home to date was brand new and had everything done prior to me moving in. 

I am scared, I am apprehensive but most of all I am super excited. 

I honestly cannot wait to start knocking down walls and completely customising the space to our needs. Over the next few weeks I intend to share more inspiration posts for the specific rooms that will be getting hit first. I also plan on documenting the whole renovation process here on the blog so get ready for lots of home inspo coming your way towards the end of summer. Exciting times ahead guys! 


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