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Friday 28 February 2014


If you are anything like me then you like to have a place for every single thing you own. This includes jewellery despite already having boxes of the stuff lying around I had no where to store my brooches and liked the idea of displaying them. The original idea came when I saw embroidery hoops with fabric in them displayed to create a gallery wall and thought that they would be a perfect solution to my jewellery storage woes. 

To make this embroidery hoop display for yourself all you need it a flex embroidery hoop and any scraps of fabric you have lying around from any previous projects or even some unwanted clothing! Simply lay your material of choice between the two hoops and push together and pull taught until you have a smooth surface. 

Once you have done that simply trim the excess material at the back with scissors. I think this would look great with various size hoops and different materials and makes a great way to display some on your favourite pieces of jewellery. This would work just as well for earrings as it does brooches. If you cannot get ahold of flex embroidery hoops the standard wooden ones would work just as well but you would need to find a way to attach the hoop the wall whereas the flex hoops come with handy little loop fixings as seen in the above image. 

You can find flex embroidery hoops on eBay for as little as £1.05 depending upon the size you require. With that in mind this project costs very little and is a great way to dress up your wall and keep your belongings nice and tidy all in one! 

Do you like to display your jewellery and if so how do you do it? I am always on the hunt for clever ways to store my hoard of belongings. 

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