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Thursday 4 July 2013


Everyone and their mum loves a bit of Pinterest these days but sometimes you just cannot beat the real mccoy, especially when you can add personal photos and postcards that you've picked up from your travels and day to day life. I'm always collecting post cards and photos from all over the place to its nice to have a little space in my home to showcase some of my favourites. Instead of hanging up some plain old cork boards I chose to frame and paint them to make them a little more me and turn them into a feature on my living room wall as well as my own little piece of ever changing wall art.

To make your own framed chevron pin boards simply follow this step by step by Nouvelle Daily, paint up some frames and get pinning! I brought these pin boards pre framed from Sue Ryder via Ebay for £9.99 each. I chose to buy pre-framed boards purely as it was the best value for money and all the money goes to charity so that can hardly be a bad thing. Of course you could source your own frames and cut up some cork to fit but if you're on a budget like me a good value for money version is always welcome. I used paint that I already had to hand in my craft supplies but feel free to choose any colour scheme to suit your own decor - I used silver acrylic for the frames and plain white emulsion for the chevron stripes. The fact that you can change and add whatever you want when you want is the main draw to these and you could use them to display everything from family photos to your to-do lists. They are quite a versatile little piece and would look great in kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms. I'm already excited to hunt out some new pieces to add to it from my travels to Amsterdam at the end of the month and cannot wait to see how its develops over time. 

Will you be making your own pin boards and ditching the Pinterest obsession, even if only for a little while?
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  1. love these! <3 loving the craftyness miss jess x xx


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