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Saturday 2 March 2013


Casetagram is a website I stumbled across a few months back but for some reason I only recently got around to creating and making my own phone case. Cases are available for iPhones, iPads, iPad Minis, iPod Touches and a range of Samsung Galaxy devices. The general idea of this is that you upload your images via your personal Instagram account and then select the positioning of the images to suit you. If you don't have Instagram and would like to use the site they allow you to upload from both Facebook and directly from your computer so there is no excuse not to make your own! You can even create your own case directly from your phone via the new Casetagram App available from the App Store.

 I love the idea of being able to completely personalise your phone and being an avid user of Instagram this process was pretty much perfect for me. I decided to essentially some up my entire life with this phone case and filled it with images from my holidays, my boyfriend, my best friends, my beautiful cats and a few random loves of mine thrown in along the way. I even really enjoy the process of making this as it reminded me of making collages as a teenager. Both the App and the website are simple to use and very user friendly making the whole process a winner. I truly could not have been any happier with the product I received. 

My only negative is that the company is located in the USA which means a 3 week wait for anyone like me living  in the UK. Despite that tiny discrepancy I would highly recommend this company if you are looking for a new phone case or like me just cannot pass up the opportunity to personalise aboslutely anything. Prices vary depending upon which device you require but the cost of the Iphone 4/4s  including delivery worked out to be around £30 which I think is perfectly fair for a quality item that has been shipped for the USA. You can make your own by clicking here.

 I hope you like this concept as much as me and enjoy making your own individual case! 
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